Eberskjold Rannfrid Baerhartson Nordstaal

Shield-fighter and traitor to the Red Ants


Male. Human. 32 years old. 6’4” 225 lb. Languages: Common and Giant

Class: Fighter, Combat superiority, One-handed weapon talent

78 HP, 14 surges/day

Ability Scores: 20 Str, 16 Con, 12 Dex, 10 Int, 14 Wis, 9 Cha

Defenses: 26 AC, 26 Fort, 20 Ref, 19 Will

Feats: Toughness, Durable, Berserker’s Fury, Shield Defense, Stout Shield, Wary Fighter

Trained Skills: Athletics (12) Endurance (10) Heal (11) Intimidate (8) Perception (13)


Son of the berserker Baerhart Gislog Elefson Nordstaal and a tavern wench by the name of Rannfrid Hagensdotter, Eberskjold hails from a remote land far north and east of Tessare. Coerced into a militant life by his overbearing father, he worked diligently to differentiate himself from Baerhart through cultivation of a disciplined, defensive fighting style unlike the crazed rages of his father. In spite of his martial aptitude and a growing relationship with Talvi Staalsdotter, daughter of the local blacksmith, he was forced to leave when the actions of a father whose diminishing self-control and ever-increasing rage left anyone bearing the name Nordstaal ostracized.

Eberskjold’s travels led him far from home. He spent several years offering his services as a sellsword and bodyguard, but as time passed and rumors were heard of trouble in his home to the north, Eberskjold’s calm, composed demeanor slowly crumbled. He took to drinking and at times came to show his father’s infamous temper. Steady work became increasingly difficult to find as the once positive word of mouth changed its tone to one of concern. He was eventually forced to sell his possessions, including the fine armor made for him by his love Talvi, to feed himself. When the coins ran out, he turned to a rumored enclave of bandits as his final perceived refuge.

Although the Anthill was not the haven he had hoped it to be, the discipline and labor restored much of his lost focus, and Eberskjold eventually made his escape with a sackful of gold and ore. He set out to reclaim his old equipment, and after much searching recovered his shield and armor. Separated from the Anthill, Eberskjold’s thoughts turned back to the life he left behind, and he again sought comfort in drink. Fortunately, the news of Ugarth’s proposed campaign against the Red Ants has reached his ears, and now only time will tell if Eberskjold can overcome the mistakes of several ill-spent years and restore honor to his name.

Eberskjold Rannfrid Baerhartson Nordstaal

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