A monk from an obscure monastery in the mountains to the north.


STR – 18
CON – 14
DEX – 20
INT – 10
WIS – 12
CHA – 8

AC: 25
FORT: 21
REF: 22
WILL: 19

HP: 61

Race Features:
_+2 Con +2 Dex
Fey Origin
Regen 2
+Attack rolls = number of failed death saving throws._

Get Back up (Encounter Power)

Class/Path/Destiny Features:
Stone Fist Path
+1 Will
Stone Fist Flurry of Blows

Languages Known:
Common, Elven

Improved Monk Unarmed Strike
damage increased to 1d10

Unarmed Agility
+2 AC w/ Cloth

Fey Troll Endurance
Get Back Up power adds 1d6 +CON mod to heal

Slow Fall
Reduce falling damage by full acrobatics check

Underdark Climber
+2 Acrobatics / use acrobatics to climb walls

Skills of Note:
Acrobatics – 16
Athletics – 8
Endurance – 13
Insight – 10
Perception – 10
Stealth – 9
Thievery – 9


Born in the southwestern city, Domon’Sol, Arak’tul was raised as a warrior, and enlisted in the Sol’nan Army at the age of 14. Arak’tul was raised by the spear and shield, though he soon became a Master of many weapons. He was raised to the esteemed position of High Warlord a short 15 years after enlisting.

alad’Arak’tul (The alad prefix shows his position as High Warlord. Where al is just Warlord. and ad is High Lord. Fun Fact: anad is the prefix for the Highest Lord, ruler of all trolls)

After 4 long years as the High Warlord, Arak’tul stepped down from his position and fled the land. He had learned too much, and was ashamed to be a part of the land of Sol. He swore against ever using weapons again, and disappeared into the Mountains of Doran to the far north.

There he found a small hidden monastery with no name, and only a few people studying there. He admired their principles- Righteousness and Selflessness and Morality- so he remained there for many years.

It was not until a foul wind stirred the tranquil air of the monastery that Arak’tul decided his presence was needed once more in the land of many. But this time he would make up for the atrocities he had committed as a youth. This time he would operate by his laws and standards, no one else’s.

With that, he heads out of the monastery and to where ever he feels he is needed.


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